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In a saucepan, beat the sauce as follows;

Put 2 tablespoons of oil (according to preference) I use peanut oil, then add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste or delicate, then crushed coriander and then sugar. Bring to a simmer until the chicken is ready.

Cut the chicken breast into thin slices, season with salt and pepper, add flour and fry in oil until it gets a copper color. Then add it to the sauce and let it boil for a few minutes. To thicken the sauce I use a teaspoon of starch dissolved in a little water.

Thai recipes Noodle 2021 - Todo web media

Pad Thai is now one of the most popular dishes in the world and fortunately it is easy to make at home with these delicious Pad Thai recipes. Choose from your chicken to shrimp or thai vegetarian pan — they're all awesome!

    01 of 08 The best chicken recipe in the world Thai Recipe

Ted Murphy / Flickr / CC 2.0

Here is a simple, one-page recipe for pad Thai. It is an authentic recipe from one of those who know. Add more or less kilos to adjust the thermostat and you will simply love it.

Ernesto Andrade / Flickr / CC 2. 0

Thai love trout but does not have all the ingredients? Then this recipe is for you! It is an authentic recipe from a Thai chef from southwestern Thailand. If you live in a place where Asian ingredients are hard to find, then this tamarind-free recipe could make your day.

Thai Thai Gai (Thai- rice noodles with chicken in a tangy sauce, along with toppings of chopped walnuts and basil. You'll love the sweet-sour balance of flavor, along with the comforting combination of chicken and noodles.

Roddit Household: Recipes, DIY, Lifehacks, Hobbies - 23.11.2020

In this weekly thread you can discuss everything you have done around the house and any interests you have - details and pictures are encouraged!

Have you prepared anything delicious? Have you repaired any old furniture? Do you have a hobby that you are proud of? Did you make that old car start? Did you find a recipe from grandma or a tool from grandpa and do you want to share it with others? This thread is for you.

This thread will be created every two weeks, every month. Previous posts.

I found the ultimate muffin recipe: https://gabitzasgreenkitchen.com/briose-simple-cu-lapte-batut/ Just amazing, they are super fluffy and melt in your mouth. I go well with fruit through them.

I dug the pit and poured concrete for a pole with socket + bulb: https://imgur.com/a/FuQ8JHb

The second tube is for three-phase, when I activate it in the spring.

If you ever reach the anaf site because you need an online account on their site for various reasons, use the link https://www.anaf.ro/InregPersFizicePublic/ to register. I struggled for 20 minutes to find him and they don't seem to want to be found.

No cool, how can an account here help me, as an individual (I don't have pfa)?

Knowing how to do it in advance, maybe I need it.

You are a god among mortals.

Do we cook anything else? Gatim!

And a cake with apple sauce without egg. I know the cake looks a little simplistic, and "unmade". I don't really know how to decorate a cake. I have a cream of mascarpone with whipped cream in it, some maple syrup. The cake is dense in texture, and a little & quotumed & quot. It has become my favorite cake, even if it looks like this.

I was trying to fool the hunger until I saw your pictures.

Are bagels made by you or do you buy them commercially?

I found a cool bakery that sells the best bread I've ever eaten in my life, fluffy and soft core on the inside, perfectly browned and crispy crust on the outside, I eat it like a cake, empty.

however, I would also enjoy it with a sauce. I just don't know what would work. preferably something with tomato sauce, some onions, etc. do you have a specific recipe for a super delicious sauce that is only good for bread?

something Italian with Parmesan and tomato olive oil

The French eat plain bread, with butter and a little salt. Grandma made the Transylvanian version - bread rubbed with garlic on the edge, where the crust is, then greased with a little lard.

A simple and good sauce as you want (from pasta I know it) is made like this: cook a small onion in oil well, add mashed tomatoes or diced normal tomatoes, let it boil for 10-15 minutes, finally add basil.

I'm not with tomatoes, but hummus or labneh still work very well, you can find the recipes on the net.

You can try olive oil with chilli flakes and garlic slices, if you don't want animal fat. But a fat cream would go great with warm bread. You can put mayonnaise and caramelized onions to make french onion dip, as if someone had asked about it on the other thread.

Butter, duck lard, a cream cheese with smoked trout, a quality pate / caltabos.

Maybe an onion dish? Or a french onion soup?

Unfortunately I don't have a good recipe for them, but that's an idea.

I have been renovating a summer kitchen for some time, complete renovation with new cabinets on the walls, faience, paving, tiled steps, a whole mess. At one point I came down the stairs, lost my balance and landed in an unnatural position. I didn't suffer anything (I have experience in these landings), but the ladder became unbalanced and in the fall it hit the electric hob, which it left with permanent traumas.

As a responsible husband, I took some pictures and sent them to my wife with a message: We just committed suicide. She also sent me a picture after a few minutes.

Chicken Coin Vert - Recipes

Here you are at last, you can start solving this puzzle. (I'm sorry, but I won't provide you with images on the site showing you the cube during the solution, I'll try to explain it to you as best I can). Start with the white face , it will make the job easier.

1st step: No big formulas or complicated algorithms, for this step you need to learn z to make a face with a crown.
EXPLANATION: Each edge must be in direct communication with its center.
ex: Edge white-bl eu = just below blue center blue

It is then necessary to know how to place the corners well. FACE = MAXIMUM 30 S EC.
Ex: co in white -blue-orange = blue = diagonal and low center blue
orange = diagonal low center orange

2nd step: that's it, the trouble starts, you have each top slice of a uniform color, now we're going to tackle the middle slice.
Take your face up (so white, if you followed my advice), then look for an edge of the bottom edge corresponding to two centers (eg blue-red edge), place it under s on center then apply the following formula: DLD 'L' D 'F' DF (this formula will allow you to put the bottom edge diagonally to the top left, so between two centers)
There is, of course, the inverse formula that allows you to put the edge diagonally top right: D 'R' D R D F D 'F'.
Apply these formulas to all the edges you see on the bottom edge (except for the color opposite the entire face you just made), and you should have a "double crown" do nc the two evenly colored slices. . it is also possible that there is an inverted edge (that it is well placed but that the colors are reversed eg red-blue edge, blue next to the red center and red next to the blue center), in this case in this case just put any edge in its place. Then do your usual formula as the edge will be on the bottom edge.

3rd step: For this step, take your bla nche face, and put it down, we will take care of the opposite face. For this step, you must succeed in making a cross with the edges (of course, a cross of the opposite color to the whole face). You may have three cases:
- first, there is only the yellow center, and none of the edges on the face, apply this formula three times (always having in front of you one of the double-crown): R 'U' F 'U F R
- you have a vertical line (so 2 ​​edges on the face), apply this formula twice and by holding the line vertically on the top face.
- you have an L but inverted, which means that there is an edge at the top, and an edge on the left, so take the face above so that there is an inverted L and then apply the formula a times.
- You have the cross ready. =) CROSS = MAX IMUM 25 SEC.

4th step: This stage is to do as in the 1st, you have to put each edge in communication with its respective center, unfortunately he did not know how to turn until it starts automatically, unless you are very lucky .
You will have two edges that will be well placed but not the other two. Take one well-placed edge to your right and the other to your opposite. Then apply this formula: R U R 'U R U2 R' (meaning U2 turns up 2 times).
You may also have two correct edges but opposite each other, apply the formula and then everything will return to normal.

5th step: For this step, you need to orient the corners.
EXPLANATION: each corner must be with lowland centers. ex: the blue-green-red corner must be in place between the blue-green-red centers. It doesn't matter if the corners are misplaced, they have to be between their centers, that's all.
You will normally have a well-oriented corner, place it on your right and then apply this formula: L 'U R U' L U R 'U
After this formula, all your corners are well oriented.

6th step: You are almost there! You are in the last step, but also the most complicated.
For this step you will swap the corners.
Ex: the corner red green blue = red is at the top, green is at the left, blue is at the right thanks to this formula = blue is at the top, red is at the left, green is at the right.
You will need to apply this formula by taking two "bad" coins on the right and top right to make this formula: R U'2 R 'U' R U 'R' L 'U2 L U L' U L
Apply this formula as many times as needed to the corner taking two wrong corners on the right and top right.

And lo and behold, you're finally done with the classic rubik's cube! Practice doing it dozens, hundreds, thousands of times !!
With this technique you can do less than a minute in average time! Learn new techniques and good luck !!
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