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The Best Beermosas for Brunch

The Best Beermosas for Brunch

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“I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer,” Jim Morrison sings in The Doors’ song “Roadhouse Blues.” As it turns out, he was on to something. When you want to get a little tipsy before noon but still crave your daily dose of vitamin C, why not pair your O.J. with a sour gose, hoppy IPA or fruity saison instead of prosecco? These three twists on the Beermosa put a different spin on the notion of a morning cold brew and prove that beer can indeed be the start of breakfast done right.

  • “Think of it as a Mexican Salty Dog,” says Craig Schoettler, the executive director of beverage and corporate bartender at MGM Resorts who created this light, refreshing hop-tail topped with a grapefruit radler. “The synergy between grapefruit and tequila rank among the caliber of peanut butter and jelly,” he says. A rim of spicy Tajín seasoning, made with ground red chiles, dehydrated lime juice and sea salt, mixed with mild and mineral-tinged Himalayan pink salt, balances out the citrus bitterness. It’s everything you want when you start your day, says Schoettler, especially when paired with pancakes or waffles.

  • Guests at the world’s first craft beer hotel, The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio, are treated to a welcome brew at check-in, can partake in a shower beer in their room thanks to a minifridge installed in the bathroom and can spend their afternoon sipping a flight on the sun-filled patio. In the mornings, hotel hallways are filled with the enticing aroma of beers brewing. Just as welcome as the included continental breakfast spread are the DIY Beermosas that use BrewDog’s various expressions. “What better way to start the day or end a trip at The DogHouse?” asks general manager Hazel Macari. “It goes perfectly with all brunch items … especially chicken and waffles.”

  • Ian Clark, the beverage supervisor at Topside in Baltimore, and his bartender team created this Mimosa-Beermosa hybrid as a follow-up to the team’s popular Michelada. A lot of the time at brunch, the cocktails you find are very fruit-forward,” he says. “A Beermosa is a great way to take what’s thought of as a traditional brunch cocktail and make it more approachable for guests who would typically not be drawn to those types of drinks.” Palate-whetting sparkling wine and the fruity effervescence of hefeweizen combined with orange juice make this drink a great match for rich or fatty breakfast foods like bacon, sausage or eggs benedict.

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