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Flan with mushrooms and chicken

Flan with mushrooms and chicken

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If I hadn't prepared Quiche Alsacienne before, I wouldn't have known how to enrich the taste of flan. I started from a recipe for Flan with mushrooms that I modified. I added that for Quiche chicken pastrami (smoked bacon or bacon, kaizer, etc.), I completely replaced the cheese with goat cheese and as a method of preparation, instead of placing the unprocessed vegetables in the tray over which to pour the dough, I prepared them according to the Quiche method for a tastier taste and I say I wasn't wrong. If you are in a hurry, you can place them raw in the tray, but I haven't tasted them. I specify that the dough is a 2-3 cm poured pancake to cover the vegetables and it is a wet dough (the next day it is consistent, firmer), it has nothing to do with Quiche. I don't know if everyone likes it, I have no objections, the advantage is that it is done quickly. I took a risk and placed it in the pizza tray, it grew over the edges but did not spill. It is good if you have a tray with higher walls, it can also be rectangular in shape.

  • 100 gr chicken pastrami (better smoked) or smoked bacon, bacon, kaizer, etc.
  • Red onion-1 pc
  • Fresh white mushrooms-150 g
  • Goat or cheese cheese-100 g
  • Eggs-4 pcs
  • Milk-500 ml
  • Flour-200 g
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon pepper
  • nutmeg (a tip) -optional

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Flan with mushrooms and chicken:

In a pan (no added fat) fry the bacon over low heat until crispy.

Remove it from the kitchen napkins to drain the excess fat.

Saute the julienned onion without burning it. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Grate the cheese.

Form the dough like pancakes: beat eggs well and mix with flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg (optional). In this order I noticed that I can avoid the formation of lumps.

Alternate with cold milk, stirring constantly so that no lumps form.

Prepare a tart tray with walls of at least 4 cm high or a rectangular tray of maximum 30 cm on the side.

On the bottom of the tray and on the sides I put baking paper greased with oil. Silicone trays do not require such treatment.

To cut the perfectly round paper, proceed as follows:

cut a square the diameter of the circle (36-38m to climb the walls), fold in half and so on until you get a triangle as in the picture.

Cut as a wide end the size of the smallest median. When you unfold, you have a perfect circle.

Grease the walls of the pot with oil and place the paper. I also greased the paper a bit because it sticks a little differently. It did not stick to the paper at all.

Preheat the oven to 200grd.

Place the onion, then the cheese, then the meat in the pan and pour the dough very slowly so as not to make a hole in the ingredients.

Bake at 200C for 35-40 minutes, leave if it is not browned. It swells but as soon as you take it out of the oven it is left, it is okay to behave like this.

Remove to a plate. It is good and cold, not only warm.

May it be useful to you!

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Quantities for a tray with high walls and a diameter of 28-30cm

Baskets with various fillings: mushrooms, pineapple and chicken breast!

The principle of preparation is the same for all 3 recipes, but thanks to the versatile filling, each time you get a dish with a new taste.


-825 gr chicken breast (2 pieces)

-1/3 teaspoon black pepper.

For mushroom filling:

-30 gr of mushroom mushrooms

-20 gr of 15% fermented cream

For pineapple filling:

-60 g of canned pineapple

-20 gr of 15% fermented cream

For the cheese filling:

-90 gr of 5% cow's cheese


1.Cut each chicken breast lengthwise into 3 relatively equal pieces.

2. Cover each piece with cling film or a thick plastic bag and beat them with the flat side of the kitchen hammer so that the meat does not break.

3. Sprinkle the pieces of meat with salt and black pepper on both sides. Leave them on the kitchen table or refrigerate them for a few minutes.

4. Pass the cheese through the large grater.

5. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and the onion into quarter slices. Mix them with cheese, cream, salt and black pepper, optionally.

6.Place a piece of breast in a deep plate with wide edges, add about 1 tablespoon of mushroom filling in the middle, gather the edges, forming a bag, and fix them with a few toothpicks.

7. From a piece of foil and with the help of a glass, create a shape in which to place the basket. You can also use silicone molds for muffins.

8.Cut the pineapple into small pieces and mix it with cheese, cream and a little salt.

9. Form 2 more baskets, following the same steps, and place them in tin foil shapes.

10.Mix the cheese with chopped dill, garlic given through the press and a little salt.

11.Fill the breast with cheese, gather the edges and fix the basket.

Advice. The baskets gather easily if the meat is beaten well. Even if it breaks in places, during baking, the baskets will get the necessary shape.

12.Put the baskets in the preheated oven up to 200 ° C for 45 minutes. Then remove the toothpicks and tin foil shapes.

Enough liquid will accumulate in the forms so that the baskets are juicy and soft. The aroma is incredible! Each filling option is tasty in its own way. Try them so you can choose the best one. The baskets can also be filled with prunes, green onion eggs, pickles, nuts, etc.

The mushrooms are chosen to be healthy, the bottom of the tail is cut with earth, they are washed very well, in several waters and they are put in the tray. Season, add the butter, olive oil and sliced ​​garlic, mix everything well and put in the oven. There is no need to put water, the mushrooms will leave enough water from the salt. When the water has dropped, the mushrooms are ready.

It can be sprinkled on top of chopped dill, it can be served as an appetizer, garnish or the second course (along with polenta and mujdei & ndash mmm!).

TIP for mushrooms on the tray:

In order for the mushrooms to remain white, after cleaning and washing, they are kept in water with lemon or vinegar for 10-15 minutes, which will stop the oxidation.

Exactly with the same ingredients they can be cooked in a pan, over high heat, stirring so that they do not stick. They come out perfect, slightly all-tooth, sweet-spicy, crazy. & # 128578

It is good to always have a bag of mushrooms in the freezer (besides peas, corn, green beans, etc.). I buy fresh mushrooms when I find a good offer, clean-wash-drain them well and put them in the freezer whole or cut into quarters, slices and write on the label. That way I always have mushrooms in the house and I put them to eat quickly. They are also very good from the trade, I have always taken mushroom mixtures, I am afraid to buy or collect mushrooms from the forest. & # 128578

Champignon mushrooms stuffed with chicken. A very simple and easy recipe!

Champignon mushrooms stuffed with chicken are good-looking and tasty. It is easy and quick to prepare from available ingredients. Be sure to prepare them!

-500 g of Champignon mushrooms

-300-400 g of boiled chicken meat

-oil - for frying and greasing the tray

-salt, ground black pepper - to taste

1. Wash Champignon mushrooms very well and dry them quickly with paper towels so that they do not become watery. Then remove the foot of each mushroom and, using a teaspoon, slightly increase the diameter of the recess in its hat.

2. Finely chop the onion and fry it in a small amount of oil for 1-2 minutes, until it softens and becomes transparent.

3. Finely chop the mushroom legs and the remaining pieces after widening the recesses in their hats. Add them to the pan and sprinkle with salt to taste. Fry everything for 2-3 minutes, until the liquid released by the mushrooms evaporates.

4. Chop the boiled chicken. Add it to the pan. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

5. Season the filling obtained with ground black pepper to taste. Take it off the fire.

6. Fill the mushroom caps with the resulting composition and place them on the oiled tray.

7. Cover each mushroom stuffed with cheese given through the small grater.

8. Bake the stuffed mushrooms for about 20 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 ° C‌.

9. Transfer them to a plate and, if desired, sprinkle with chopped dill (or other greens that you like).

The finest salad with chicken and mushrooms - a snack that will remain in the memory of all guests!

Salads are considered simple snacks that anyone can prepare. Often once served, a simple salad is immediately forgotten, as is its taste.

We present you a salad so delicious that once served it will remain in the memory of all those present at the table. This salad can completely replace a meal, being much more filling than a simple snack.


- 100 g of mushroom mushrooms

- 100 g of grated hard cheese

- mayonnaise (or homemade mayonnaise)

Method of preparation

1. Boil the chicken breast. Cut it into small cubes.

2. Boil the mushrooms in salted water for 10 minutes. Then fry them in a pan with hot oil. Add the chopped onion. Allow to cool.

3. Boil the eggs. Grate them.

4. Mix half of the grated cheese with the mayonnaise and crushed garlic.

5. Finely chop the walnuts. Use a food processor.

6. Assemble the salad alternating layers: chicken breast, eggs, mushrooms with onion, remaining grated cheese, nuts. Grease each layer with mayonnaise + cheese, except the last.

Quick chicken meatballs with mushrooms!

No one will be able to refuse such a dinner. The meatballs should not be formed with your hands, they are quickly put with a spoon in the pan and you have got rid of the modeling. Simple and incredibly tasty!


-salt, black pepper and spices - to taste


1.Cut the chicken into medium cubes, add flour and starch, then mix well.

2. Season the mixture with salt, black pepper and garlic given by the press or cut into small pieces.

3.Add the eggs, the onion cut into small pieces and the mushrooms cut into pieces slightly larger than you cut the onion.

4. Chop the dill, add it to the bowl with the other ingredients and mix everything well.

5. Add the mayonnaise and mix once more.

6. Add 1 tablespoon of the composition to the pan with hot oil, forming meatballs with a thickness of approximately 1 cm.

7. Fry the meatballs for 2-3 minutes on each side, turning them a few times. Take them out on a plate covered with absorbent kitchen paper.

Serve the meatballs hot. Try this wonderful idea to turn chicken into tender, fragrant and delicious meatballs!

Baked pasta with chicken and mushrooms

A portion of pasta with chicken and mushrooms guarantees you a quick and tasty meal, which you can enjoy in peace with family or friends. They are easy to prepare, in a short time and they are au gratin in the oven until they brown nicely.

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These baked pasta with chicken and mushrooms is a fast, tasty and spicy dish that guarantees you an excellent meal regardless of the time of day.

To cook penne al forno with chicken and mushrooms you need in addition to a regular recipe for pasta, mozzarella and parmesan with which you will gratinate pasta in the oven. Thus, the pasta will get a copper crust on the surface, slightly crispy. They will cook extra and thus the ingredients will get more taste and flavor.

In other words, the final dish will be much tastier than a regular portion of pasta. The chicken breast will become tender and soft, and the tomato sauce will be absorbed into the pasta much more easily. Moreover, the crunchy mozzarella crust will be the star of the plate, giving the pasta a special note and flavor.

In total, in about 40 minutes, you will have a complete, filling meal without much work and time spent in the kitchen. Also, a portion of penne al forno with chicken and mushrooms can be the perfect dish for an evening in the company of friends or relatives.

Chicken hearts with onions and mushrooms & # 8211 a delicious, fine and fragrant food, ready in just 20 minutes!

We present you a recipe for chicken hearts with onions and mushrooms. It is a hot dish, perfect for novices in the culinary arts. It is prepared with amazing simplicity, and the result is beyond expectations. Get a delicious, fine and fragrant dinner, perfect for the whole family.


-3 tablespoons olive oil

-300 g of mushroom mushrooms


1. Wash the hearts and cut them in half.

2. Peel and chop the onion. Fry it in a hot pan with oil.

3. Add the chicken hearts to the onion pan. Stir.

4. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cut the mushrooms.

5. Add the carrot and mushrooms to the pan. Match spices to taste. Stir.

6. Pour the cream and mix. Stir-fried until the hearts are ready.

7. Wash and chop the greens. Serve the hearts sprinkled with chopped greens.

Chicken cream soup with mushrooms

Dough ingredient: 10 g of fresh yeast, half a teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 150 ml of milk, 250 g of flour.

Soup ingredients: 500 ml milk, 200 gr of fresh mushrooms, 250 g chicken breast, 2.5 tablespoons flour, 50 g butter, 1 onion, salt and pepper to taste.

Dough preparation: Put the yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl. Mix the composition with a spoon. In a few seconds, we will notice how the yeast becomes liquid. The yeast will not need to ferment. Add the room temperature milk here. Gradually add the flour and knead the dough. We form a soft dough crust, which we will put to rest for about 1 hour.

Caesar, the most famous salad in the world. Recipe

On his birthday, Smiley took his girlfriend to "Romania's Switzerland"

In 1 hour we divide the crust into 2 parts. From each side we detach a small ball of dough. We shape the balls that will represent our "plates". We will get 2 plates, which we will put on a tray. Let them rise for 30 minutes, then put them in the preheated oven at 180C for 25 minutes.

Preparation of cream soup: We will cut the mushrooms and the chicken breast as desired. We will cut the onion into small pieces. We will fry the mushrooms over a medium to high heat in a hot pan with oil for about 10 minutes. Onions and chicken breast, we will also harden them separately. We will give all the browned onion, 2 tablespoons of chicken breast and 2 tablespoons of hardened mushrooms through a blender.

We will melt the butter in a cauldron. When the butter has melted, add the cold milk. Also here we add the flour. Mix the composition as long as it is cold to avoid lumps as much as possible. When the composition starts to boil, add the onion, breast and mushrooms given through a blender. Also here we put the rest of the mushrooms and the hardened chicken breast. Add salt and pepper to taste. Boil, everything 7 & # 8211 10 minutes after which we put out the fire. If the cream has thickened, add a little more milk.

We cut the lid of the bread, remove the core and put the cream soup in the improvised plate. It can also be served on a regular plate with breadcrumbs.

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