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Thermomix tiramisu ice cream

Thermomix tiramisu ice cream

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Thermomix tiramisu ice cream recipe by of 03-06-2015 [Updated on 04-09-2018]

Tiramisu is the well-known Italian dessert loved in all versions, even that of ice cream. With the help of the Thermomix, the tiramisu ice cream can be prepared and then transferred to the ice cream maker before moving into the freezer. Once ready it will be up to you to decide on what occasion to bring it to the table, but above all with whom to share it;) For all tiramisu lovers, here is the recipe for thick and creamy ice cream to make with the Thermomix.


How to make tiramisu ice cream with the thermomix

Prepare the coffee, add the sugar and stir until it dissolves completely, then let it cool in the fridge.

Insert the butterfly. Put mascarpone, coffee, cream and milk cold from the fridge in the jug. Then whip for 3 min. at speed 4.

Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and operate it according to the instructions of your appliance (if, like me, you have the Kitchen aid, operate at speed 1 for 10 min.).
When the ice cream has thickened, add the ladyfingers cut into small pieces.
Stir for another minute, then serve in bowls, sprinkled with bitter cocoa.

Thermomix tiramisu ice cream

It was in one of these ice cream parlors that ten years ago I met tiramisu ice cream: it was immediately passion, love at first sight that makes this recipe my ideal companion on hot summer evenings. To tell the truth, the premises were all there for the tiramisu ice cream became one of my favorites. After all, among the desserts, tiramisu is one of those I appreciate the most: a simple but at the same time delicious recipe. I confess that since I was a teenager I was crazy about it, so much so that my mom always prepared it for my birthday. There was no longer even a need to ask. Of course, the taste for surprise was lost a little, but to be honest it is not that you love surprises that much. Better to ensure the taste of a good tiramisu, without the possibility of error.

Things have changed a bit now, but the tiramisu rite on my birthday has remained more or less unchanged. Yes, because now I am doing it, as if to say 'I sing it to myself and I play it alone', but so be it ...
Here I knew, I'm going astray by dint of talking and letting myself go to the memories. Better get back on track with the Thermomix tiramisu ice cream recipe. I talked about a summer recipe, but if you feel like it, it's not like throwing away in winter! Now I leave you: happy reading to all.

Tiramisu ice cream

250g of mascarpone
70g of cold milk
80g of bitter cold coffee
70g of powdered sugar
250g of fresh cream for desserts
4 ladyfingers cut into small pieces
30g of powdered sugar
bitter cocoa to taste

Let's start the recipe by placing the butterfly on the blades, put the cream, 30 g of powdered sugar and whip without time and without measuring cup at speed 3.5. At the end transfer to a large bowl.

Without washing the jug and with the butterfly inserted, put 70 g of icing sugar, mascarpone and mix for 40 seconds on speed 2. Add the milk, coffee and mix for 30 seconds on speed 3. Transfer to the bowl with the cream and mix gently. Add the diced ladyfingers and mix well. Place in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

After the time has elapsed, resume the ice cream, sprinkle with bitter cocoa, decorate with pieces of ladyfingers and serve.

It can be stored in the freezer for 7-10 days.

Thermomix: Sweet recipes and more

The Thermomix recipes they are a lot: first dishes, sweets, cakes, appetizers and so much more. The Thermomix has become a very important tool in Italian kitchens. In fact, more and more families decide to buy it. The Thermomix is ​​the kitchen robot best known in Italy. There are many cooks who buy it for the reliability of the brand and for its particular skills. Thanks to this precious ally it is in fact possible to create super delicious dishes. They range from appetizers to first courses from meat and fish main courses to desserts. But it doesn't stop there. The Thermomix is ​​also able to prepare excellent drinks.

From liqueurs to fruit juices, from smoothies to Thermomix slimming juices. Behind this food processor there is a whole world to discover. In fact, the Thermomix also allows us to prepare cosmetic products using super natural ingredients that do not ruin the robot. We can make deodorants, room fragrances, body lotions, face creams, etc. All of these products are super natural and also help us fight any allergic problems. Our dear friend Thermomix also allows us to prepare super natural dish detergents. With a little lemon, vinegar, salt, water and of course the Thermomix, that's it.

In just a few minutes we will have created a fragrant and super natural homemade DIY detergent. But these are just some of the possible Thermomix recipes. The Thermomix kitchen robot is also an excellent ally for making games for children. Well yes! Thanks to the Thermomix we will be able to do homemade didò. Are your children crazy about making molds in modeling clay? So here is a practical, fun and economical way to prepare many pieces of colored didò ready to be modeled according to the imagination of young and old. Thermomix recipes for desserts are certainly the most popular.

There is something for all tastes: from croissants to apple pie from biscuits for breakfast to chocolate muffins from crepes to Nutella to yoghurt cake from tiramisu to macarons from ice cream to frothy cappuccino like the one in the bar. The functions of the Thermomix are endless. Inside the Thermomix recipe books we find homemade pasta, ground coffee, whipped cream, vegetable cube and much more. There are several models. The most famous are certainly the Tm 31 and the Tm 21. These models have many features that are able to prepare Thermomix recipes suitable for young and old. With your friend Thermomix you can make yourself comfortable and have time both to prepare dinner for the guests but also to make yourself beautiful. Having the Thermomix means preparing super delicious dishes and making a good impression every day with relatives and friends. Sitting at the table and eating will become even more a pleasure. Are you a foodie? So do not miss the opportunity to prepare unique and inimitable dishes at home.

First, second, side dishes, desserts and super tasty drinks. The Thermomix Vorwerk it will enrich your laden tables. It is an unbeatable and inimitable food processor. A resource capable of always providing us with new recipes and new delicious dishes. Every day, from morning to night, you can prepare a mix of different and tasty recipes. Inside the Thermomix cookbook you will also find vegetarian recipes, sugar-free recipes for diabetics, recipes divided according to the Italian regions, and much more. The Thermomix meets every need. It is suitable for both the do-it-yourself housewife and the career woman. If you have little time to devote to cooking, thanks to the quick and easy thermomix recipes, in a short time you will be able to prepare fabulous dishes both for special occasions and for every day.

Thermomix white tiramisu

Hello, in this heat you really need a nice fresh recipe that does not need an oven, what do you say?

The tiramisu thermomix it is a great classic of Italian pastry, which never fades, always appreciated and that everyone has their favorite as for other recipes.
This is why it does not seem fair to say that this is the right recipe, but on the contrary it is only my personal version and that every time I prepare it, it sells like hot cakes.

I recently discovered that this version of tiramisu, on the net is called white tiramisu, because being without yolks it has a lighter color than the classic one.
You never stop learning.

This time, however, I prepared the tiramisu in a square pan, but this does not detract from the possibility of making it single-portion, perhaps with the help of transparent glasses, so as to show the various layers.
What do you think? It can be a nice idea, right?

Thermomix tiramisu ice cream - Recipes

It is difficult to put into words the goodness of this ice cream.

3 yolks
150 gr sugar
250 gr mascarpone
180 gr fresh cream
1 cup of strong coffee + 2 cups of coffee to wet the pavesini
6 pavesini
25 gr dark chocolate curls.

I use the Simac Gc 5000 ice cream maker with a cooling engine

With the immersion blender, blend the eggs and sugar, add the mascarpone and then the cup of coffee.
Store in the fridge.
Wet the pavesini well with the 2 cups of coffee.
Take the mixture, pour it into the ice cream maker and add the cream, start, towards the end add the pavesini which will be reduced to papetta and the chocolate curls, let go for another 1 minute and the ice cream is ready.

Tiramisu with the Thermomix

The tiramisu It is one of sweetsmost loved and known in the world. Here is the version, simple and quick to prepare, made with the help of Thermomix. The result, based on mascarpone, eggs, ladyfingers and coffee, is the same as the traditional recipe: simply exquisite!

  • 400 g of mascarpone
  • 250 g of ladyfingers
  • 150 g of granulated sugar
  • 4 yolks
  • 2 egg whites
  • 3 small cups of coffee
  • 100 g of 75% dark chocolate
  • unsweetened cocoa powder

The tiramisu It is one of sweets most loved and known of the Italian culinary tradition. A real icon often copied and envied, like pizza.

Next to our classic recipe, we want to propose the recipe to make the tiramisu with the Thermomix, in a few simple steps. The basic ingredients, however, always remain the same: egg, mascarpone cheese, coffee and ladyfingers.

After at least 3 hours of rest in the refrigerator, the result will be a real triumph for the eyes and the throat.

If you are looking for high recipes with the Thermomix, consult the many available. You will be spoiled for choice.

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Thanks Cin, here is a great recipe to make to celebrate my wedding anniversary postponed to Sunday! Tiramisu is one of my husband's favorite desserts and in this period I prefer ice cream, the right compromise (even if I'm on a diet!)

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I can't find Rosa's ice cream recipe47. could you put it on the site? Thank you

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Tiramisu ice cream biscuit (vegan)

Most of our recipes are easy, but some are a little more complex in terms of time and cooking skills: you can identify them by the degree of difficulty, medium or advanced.

Preparation time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe.

Total time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe from start to finish: marinating, baking, cooling, etc.


This shows how many servings you can make with this recipe.



  • 100 g of Arborio rice
  • 50 g of brown rice
  • 100 g of almonds
  • 25 g of sugar
  • 100 g of apple
  • & frac12 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 5 g of apple cider vinegar


  • 120 g of sugar
  • 500 g of soy drink
  • 15 g of instant coffee
  • 40 g of corn starch
  • 200 g of soy cream for whipping

PREPARATION of Tiramisu ice cream

To prepare your fantastic Tiramisu ice cream, follow our sprint recipe. It will only take a few proceedings. Start by placing a metal bowl in the freezer first. It will serve to have a more effective effect later.

Whip the egg whites and cream, then combine with each other and mix to obtain a nice homogeneous mixture. Then mix the mascarpone with the coffee and add to the mixture obtained previously, always mixing properly.

Finally put everything in the bowl left in the freezer, covering with cling film. Resume everything after half an hour. Stir and repeat the process to leave to rest, covering again with cling film and placing in the freezer.

Coffee and metabolism, the former would only have a minor impact on the latter

This step will be repeated for at least 5-6 times, until you get a nice creamy mixture. With the ice cream maker, however, 30 & # 8242 will suffice. Once this is done, serve your Tiramisu ice cream, garnish to your liking.

Tiramisu ice cream & # 8211 PHOTO:

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