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Five on Friday: 5 Uses for Andrew Zimmern's Clever Cleaver

Five on Friday: 5 Uses for Andrew Zimmern's Clever Cleaver

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Ok, so you can't use Andrew Zimmern's cleaver-style Shiwu Chef's knife to core a tomato, but I took it for a spin in the Test Kitchen and found myself reaching for the sturdy (and rather handsome) instrument far more than I expected. And the price is right—at 60 bucks, this versatile blade is worth adding to your arsenal.

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Use it to…1. Smash garlic: That heavy, flat face is perfect for pounding garlic cloves. Then, just flip and chop if minced is what you're after.

2. Shred cabbage or lettuce: The wide face and long blade make thinly slicing whole heads a breeze.

3. Hassleback potatoes: The thin straight blade takes the "hassle" out of one of our favorite techniques.

4. Hack up a chicken: The original use for a cleaver, this weighty (but not so much that it's cumbersome) knife cuts through the tough stuff.

5. Move food: Slide chopped food onto the flat side of the blade to transfer it easily from the cutting board to a pan or bowl.

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