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500 ml of milk are boiled and the other 500 ml are separated, cold and mixed with semolina. Beat eggs with sugar, vanilla and grated lemon well until foamy. Reduce the heat, put the milk with the semolina, mixing well, then add the egg mixture with sugar, adding 2 tablespoons of melted butter, mix well until it becomes creamy, about 5 minutes on low heat. Don't be afraid if it's soft, that's how it should be! If we wait for it to harden a lot, then, putting it in the oven will harden it even more, it must be a dessert soft enough so that you can cut it with a fork and not with a knife! Anyway, after a day it will harden even more in the fridge!

in the meantime, or better just before making the cream, in a rectangular pyrex about 30 * 20 we place the pie sheets greased with butter each and of course, and the tray before putting the first sheet! After 6 sheets placed a little to exceed by about 5 cm the edge of the pyrex, put the composition, take the edges of the sheets and close the 4 sides of the tray, greasing with oil while closing them, then put the other 6 sheets, each greased with butter and so are the edges! (unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the composition and the tray, but I promise that next week I will take)

we prick with the tip of the knife in the shape we will cut it when it is ready, after which we wet our hand with cold water and sprinkle a little pie after which we will put it in the preheated oven at 160C (initially it was at 180C but my oven is more strong) for about 45 min.

When it's ready, let it cool, the pie and syrup should never be hot! This is true for all pies of this kind, at least this is a Greek rule and I know why, because otherwise the sheets on top will not be crispy, they will become soft, which should not be!

For the syrup, put everything in a pot and let it simmer for about 15 minutes, then put it on the slowly cooled pie, it is advisable to put the syrup first with a polish on the edge, you should not throw the syrup over the pie, because it will soften and the sheets on top will not be crispy again! Outside the summer, for the rest of the year, galaktobureko will be kept at room temperature and after 2 days we put it in the fridge, don't be scared, it won't spoil, we haven't suffered anything for about 10 years! This pie is preferable to eat until it enters the refrigerator, because then it hardens and loses its good and fresh taste! In summer you can keep it in the kitchen until the next day.

Good appetite!

p.s. In these pictures, the cream is a little darker than usual, because I used organic vanilla sugar, which is darker, but the taste is the same! I only use organic products, so I hope we at least eat something safer, I think!