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Check with almonds and nutella cream

Check with almonds and nutella cream

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Rub the butter well with the sugar and incorporate in turn the eggs, the vanilla sugar, a few drops of vanilla essence and the finely ground almond flakes in the coffee grinder. Separately mix the flour with the salt and baking powder and then incorporate it into the composition. above. Mix well.

Grease a cake pan with butter (I used a round pan), line it with a little flour and turn the composition above. Put it in the oven. Make the toothpick test to see when it is ready to bake. Remove from the oven. and allow to cool.

When the cake is cold, it is "dressed" in nutella cream and decorated with almonds (which I fried beforehand) and finely ground walnuts (also fried).

Cut into slices and serve.

Good appetite!

Serve fluffy cake with raisins or cranberries

This fluffy cake with raisins can be easily sliced ​​after complete cooling.

I made a very delicate, fluffy and fragrant cake! It is easily sliced ​​without crushing and simply melts in your mouth. We ate very quickly, especially since we had some friends visiting. They didn't stop slice after slice

Very popular are also the cherry cake, with many cherries and not 1-2 per slice (the recipe here)

or the one with oranges and chocolate (the recipe here).

It's worth trying this recipe too fluffy cake with raisins, simple and economical!

Find here more recipes for cake with walnut, apple, cocoa, cocoa and cherries, poppy, cake in 3 colors and more (recipes here).

Heat the cream for the whipped cream and, when it has reached the boiling point, turn off the heat and add the chopped chocolate. Mix well to melt all the chocolate completely and add the nutella. Homogenize very well and leave the cream to cool.

It is enough to cool well, so you can leave it for two hours, but also overnight.

Then I mix it well until it increases in volume. That's all. Simple, right? Good appetite!

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In a bowl, mix the two types of flour together with the powdered sugar

Add the egg whites and then the melted butter.

Mix the ingredients lightly until you get a homogeneous dough and keep it in the fridge for 1 hour.


Preheat the oven to 180 & degC.

Wallpaper the forms with butter and flour.

Pour the composition up to about 2/3 of the height of the form.

Place the molds on the grill in the middle of the oven and bake for 12 minutes.


Let the cakes cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pans.

Using a toothpick, make a small hole in the top of the cakes.

Fill in the gaps created with 4 g of Nutella & reg, using a garnish.

Homemade Nutella & # 8211 hazelnut chocolate cream recipe

Homemade Nutella & # 8211 hazelnut chocolate cream recipe. How to make natural Nutella at home? Spreadable chocolate cream with hazelnuts and condensed milk. The tastiest homemade Nutella & # 8211 step by step recipe. Natural nutella, without preservatives.

Because the junior is a big Nutella fan, I tried to make this cream at home so that its taste is as close as possible to that of the original. Homemade nutella is preservative-free and can be prepared in several ways: with powdered milk, with or without chocolate, with or without cocoa, with condensed milk, with milk jam, cold or hot. I tried about 2 recipes and I didn't really like what came out. The homemade nutella was greasy, with a lot of oil, dense, without the creamy texture I was expecting.

Don't confuse Nutella with Finetti (or Fineti) which has nothing to do with it & # 8230 is a bad and cheap imitation.

So I adapted a recipe from the French cookbook "La Java des bocaux" by Marie-France Chauvirey.

I stopped on this variant that is made with dulce de leche (condensed milk jam) and I did well! And I also made the milk jam at home. You can find her recipe here.

With this homemade Nutella I made a delicious Ferrero Rocher & # 8211 cake the recipe here.

Because we liked it so much, I'll give you the recipe too. From these quantities results 2 jars of 380 g and a little for tasting at the moment.


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