Stewed green beans

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Recipe Stewed green beans of of 12-06-2016 [Updated on 19-01-2017]

Leafing through a magazine I stumbled upon the recipe for stewed green beans, I had never experienced cooking this vegetable without first blanching it or steaming it for a few minutes, but I must say that even if it took a while, the taste of the tomato sauce enriched with bacon cubes penetrated deeper than in the classic procedure. Stewed green beans are therefore a new entry in my house, usually my mother prepares green beans with tomato and, accompanied by a morsel of buffalo mozzarella and a slice of hot bread, they are one of my favorite summer lunches. What are you doing this Sunday? Are you already in business? In the end then yesterday we didn't go out anymore, we paused all day and it was just what we needed, but this morning I'm determined to go for a nice walk, hoping that the weather will assist me;) I leave you there recipe and a basin: *


How to make stewed green beans

Wash and clean the green beans.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into wedges and the bacon into cubes.

Clean the carrot and onion, chop them together and fry them in a non-stick pan with a little oil.
Add the bacon to the mince in a pan and brown it.

Also add green beans and cherry tomatoes, add salt and pepper and cook.

Finally cover with the broth, close with a lid and cook (about 35 minutes).
You can serve the stewed green beans hot, lukewarm or even cold.

Stewed green beans

Add the aromatic mince and a chilli, if you like.

When the sauce has released all its aromas, add the peeled tomatoes.

Salt the sauce and let it cook and flavor.

Salt the water for cooking the green beans, then boil them for about 15 minutes.

Drain them when cooked and put them in the pan with the sauce, let them flavor.


  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 100 gr of flat green beans (snow peas)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce


For the preparation of this recipe we recommend the use of flat green beans, also called jackdaws, slightly sweeter than traditional green beans. If their flavor is not to your liking, or they are not available in your city, it is also possible to use them in fine green beans, the result will still be excellent. Chop the vegetables, wash them and cook them in boiling salted water for 15 minutes.

In a large, non-stick pan, sauté it clove of garlic peeled with a little oil, then pour in the coarsely chopped green beans.

Incorporate the tomato puree, add salt and cook for 10 minutes on very low heat. We advise you to use the lid and pour a little boiling water from time to time, to prevent the sauce from drying out too much.

At the end of the cooking time, serve well on the table, remembering to remove the garlic from the pan.


We carefully clean the green beans, eliminating the ends and washing them under running water.

In a saucepan, insert the chopped onion and brown it for a few minutes with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Add the tomato puree and season with fine salt, ground black pepper and a sprinkling of chilli.

We combine the green beans, mix and add about 250 ml of water to help cooking. We cover the saucepan with a lid and let it cook for at least 40 minutes. Let's adjust with the times if we want them more crunchy or softer.

Stewed green beans - Recipes

When I find SNAKE BEANS, I always want to buy them, even though I know that there will be the same story at the table that my husband's grandmother made them tastier, darker, tastier. then I also remember the ones my grandmother Olimpia used to do, who, having her husband as a gardener, chose the best ones. and until the green beans are finished, let's spend the time talking about these expert 'SNAKE' grandmothers who must have had a secret ingredient!

Our grandmothers did not work and they were all morning cooking green beans .. I then without telling them. I decided to make them with the pressure cooker .. and sometimes, it happens that he exclaims:
"Now yes. These are just like my grandmother Giannina made them, even better."

ALLELUIA. GRANDMA GIANNINA. 1 to 0 for me I managed to beat you with my secret ingredient. pressure pentala.

SNAKES green beans .. were just picked, so more tender than ever I could have risked making them in the normal pot. but for heaven's sake. I don't think about it ha ha

Stewed Green Beans Recipe

To prepare them, choose soft-skinned beans such as toscanelli, cannellini or borlotti beans. Preservation of stewed beans.

Discover the ingredients and useful tips for cooking stewed green beans among 396 yellow-saffron recipes.

Stewed green beans recipe. In fact, boby green beans contain few calories 17 kcal per 100 g therefore few carbohydrates and low proteins. Stewed green beans are a seasonal dish that is quick to make and suitable for all types of cooks, even the less skilled. How to prepare the beans

Finding a unique recipe of stewed beans with the richness of our Italian cuisine is really difficult. With or without tomato, stewed beans can be enjoyed alone or as an accompaniment to meat or polenta. Stewed green beans recipe.

Stewed green beans recipe by flavia imperatore of 12 06 2016 updated on 19 01 2017 5 5 vote. The sauce that is formed thanks to the addition of the tomato envelops the green beans and it will be practically impossible to avoid eating tons of bread. You will have to fry the garlic in the oil, add the green beans and then sauté for a few minutes, adding a little cooking water from the green beans if necessary.

The secret of the goodness of this recipe is given by the perfect union between the sweetness of green beans and the note of acidity typical of tomatoes. You're looking for recipes for stewed green beans with tomato sauce. With the tomato are just tasty ingredients stewed green beans for 3 people 500 gr.

Stewed green beans recipe. This dish is an excellent side dish but can also be served as a delicious second course of vegetables. Stewed green beans a simple side dish but rich in flavor.

Not only does it often change from province to province as well. Green beans boby chopped tomatoes onion. Stewed green beans in white.

You are looking for recipes for stewed green beans. Depending on the region we are in, we will have a different recipe for these beans. Stewed green beans a diet recipe but no less valid or tasty.

Green bean salad is a fresh and delicious recipe perfect to face the summer heat with taste and without neglecting the taste. Discover the ingredients and useful tips for cooking green beans in tomato sauce among 18 yellow saffron recipes. Leafing through a magazine I stumbled upon the recipe for stewed green beans I had never experienced cooking this vegetable without first blanching it or steaming it for a few minutes.

The recipes of giallozafferanoit. Stewed beans is one of those dishes that at least once was served in the tables of Italian families, a poor and rustic recipe that tastes like home. If you don't like tomato you can omit it in this recipe.

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Acquacotta and fantasy

The recipe is absolutely simple. You get a 'side dish' that goes very well with boiled meats and stews, but also with pasta or rice or with slices of toasted Tuscan bread.

* Update of September 17, 2016. In reality, St. Anne's beans would seem shorter. Look at these photos I took a few days ago in a supermarket.

aromatic herb (I used catmint)

Clean the 'snakes' by removing only the end that was attached to the plant. Wash them and put them, dripping with water, in a very large pan, terracotta if possible. Combine sliced ​​onion and carrot, tomatoes, oil and salt.
Cover and cook over low heat for 45/60 minutes.
At the end add a sprinkling of pepper and aromatic grass (parsley or basil or, as here, catmint).

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but do you know that I have never seen this vegetable before? here it is not even found by the most well-stocked gardeners. thanks for sharing this recipe!

Just think that I found it in a greengrocer's banquet in the center of Florence, a few steps (maybe 50, in number) from where I work!

Smile, Giovanna! You are on Cucino di Te!

Thanks, Giorgio! I'm copying a passage from your post here, not to brag about what you said about me, but just because what you say hits me right in the heart: & # 171That taste in my head [. ] Bringing a flavor back, a taste from inside the skull to the tip of the tongue and letting it expand like a circle in water, is never easy, believe me. [. ] Sometimes, I get lucky. I stumble upon a recipe that lights up a firmament in my brain and whirls me back over the years, making me relive situations, emotions, experiences and people as if I had just left them. But it is not so, unfortunately. This is what happened to me with this recipe by Giovanna Menci, creator of Acquacotta and fantasy, who at times seems capable of doing whatever she puts in her head. Even recover the memories of others. The recipe for stewed snake beans takes me back to my childhood in Sesto Fiorentino [. ] & # 187. The rest go and read!

I am the one who is moved. I had no idea you liked it so much. I will try to write more often!
Anyway, I did a little research and I found that in the parts where I live these green beans are not found at all, no one has ever seen them. This is why they never came back to me, until I saw them cooked by you. Thank you with all my heart!

Never heard of these snakes, yet we are neighbors in the region, now it has given me a great curiosity.

Preparation of stewed green beans:

Put the oil in a non-stick pan with the chopped onion, garlic, parsley, chilli and chopped datterini tomatoes. Fry for a few minutes over low heat.

After removing the ends of the green beans and washing them thoroughly, put them in the pan.

Cook them for a few minutes so that they gain flavor.

Deglaze with the white wine and once it has evaporated, add the salt and pepper.
Simmer for 15 minutes.

Combine 2 glasses of hot water and the tomato puree. Cook for 30 minutes on low heat, if necessary towards the end of cooking add the salt and oil.

The stewed green beans are ready! Serve them next to the second dish of your choice.

First of all, clean the green beans. Eliminating the little hard tips. cut them away. Wash them and add them to a steamer basket or fill a pot with plenty of water.

Steam 12 - 15 minutes (until the green beans are semi-soft on the fork)

or blanch for 6 - 8 minutes and drain immediately.

In the meantime, wash and cut the cherry tomatoes, fry the peeled and crushed garlic with extra virgin olive oil for about 1 minute. Add the cherry tomatoes, brown for 1 minute over high heat.

Finally close with a lid, lower the heat, add 2 tablespoons of water and cook for 3 minutes.

Then mash half of the cherry tomatoes in order to have a nice sauce. Correct with salt.

Finally, drain the green beans directly into the pan.

Add more fresh basil and a tablespoon of water.

Complete cooking for another 5 minutes with the lid on. until the green beans are soft and juicy, rich in seasoning. Season with salt and serve with a handful of basil.

Video / Healthy Food: light and fast, here's how to prepare green beans with sesame

Eating healthily is sometimes complicated and finding the time to think about healthy and light recipes, but tasty at the same time and that are good for everyone is never easy.

Here are some ideas for you, if you have decided to eat light and healthy: many recipes, side dishes, first courses, main courses and desserts, prepared with simple ingredients but above all really easy and quick to prepare!

This time Danila and Camilla delle Briciole in Cucina present us a truly whimsical side dish: green beans with ginger and sesame.

250g green beans
1-2 teaspoons of fresh ginger
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 pinch of salt
2 teaspoons of sesame

Clean the green beans and cook them in plenty of salted water. In a pan, heat the oil and garlic, add the drained green beans well and sauté. Turn off the heat and add salt and ginger.
Serve garnished with more ginger and sesame